Hot Glue Hair Bows (no sew)

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I don’t know anything about sewing. It’s not necessarily because I don’t want to learn, but mostly because it requires a certain amount of time and money that is currently being used elsewhere. Sometimes, my lack of knowledge and ability in that department is upsetting… I see people who make their own curtains, blankets, pillows, clothing, and accessories with fabric and thread, and I’m thrown into a fitful envious rage.

Not really, but it does make me feel a little sad sometimes!

Furthermore, I looooove hair bows! I love them for myself, for random children, and maybe even for my horse on occasion. So I went to Pinterest and I searched high and low for a no-sew tutorial on how to make my own little bows. Nothing. I found nothing. There were some that required very basic sewing skills and equipment, such as a needle and thread. There were others that required sewing machines. There were no options for a woman equipped with only a hot glue gun, a pair of rather dull scissors, some cute ribbon, and a few stray bobby pins.

So I made my own.


After a bit of experimentation, here’s the method I settled on:

1. Select ribbon.. Any size works, but 1 inch makes for a nice shaped bow.. The thinner ribbons, as you can see in the picture, make a less traditional shape.

2. Decide what size bow you would like to have. Make a circle with the ribbon, and squish the circle flat to get an idea of how long your completed bow will be. Once you’ve decided on a size, hot glue the end of the ribbon to form the circle.



3. Once you’ve made a ribbon circle, trim away any loose ribbon near the area where you applied glue. Cut a strip of ribbon about 3 inches long and glue to the back of the ribbon circle, in the same spot where you initially glued the circle together. Flatten the ribbon circle, making sure that the glued areas are smack dab in the middle. Fold the ribbon strip to the front.


4. Continue to wrap the ribbon strip around the flattened ribbon circle, and pull it fairly tight. The flat circle should begin to look like a bow! Once you are happy with the shape of your bow, glue the strip down and trim off any excess ribbon.


5. Now to attach it to a hair pin. I’m sure there are numerous clips you could glue them to, but I specifically wanted a bobby pin. I tried it two ways:

One option is to very carefully glue the top of the pin to the back of the bow. Make sure to pull the pin apart while the glue is drying so it doesn’t get stuck to itself!:)


Another option is to stick the pin through the outer layer of wrapped ribbon (on the back of the bow of course). For additional security, you can squish some glue into the layer to better hold the pin in place.


6. After attaching the bow to a pin or clip, you may find it necessary to squish some hot glue into random little areas.. But maybe not! I added a little extra glue to the inside area between the wrapped layers of ribbon.

Yahoooo! You’re finished!


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