Ditch the Box

Was “save money” written in any way, shape, or form on your New Year’s Resolutions list? According to the Daily Infographic, 34% of Americans made resolutions related to their finances. That’s about 1.36 out of 4 of us! (Let me know if you happen to be the .36.. I’m curious to know if you’re missing any vital organs or if maybe you’re only 11 inches tall.) Start cutting out a bill or two by ditching your cable box or sattelite reciever.


Television is not a necessity. It’s purpose is entertainment, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not the only form of entertainment. I’m not saying you should throw out your whole TV and entertainment system and take up knitting instead; nor am I even considering asking you to cancel something like your contract with your internet provider, because that’s not something I would be willing to do (unless we really needed the money, had debt to pay off, etc). I just want you to consider some thoughts about cable/satellite television.

1. Do you really use the hundreds of channels you’re paying for? All of them, most of them, nine of them, or none of them?

2. Are most of the shows you watch available online for free? The answer to this is yes. Just go to the website of whatever network your show is on and the most recent episode will likely be there the day after it aired.

3. Have you considered an alternative to cable/satellite? Cade and I have Netflix, some friends of ours have Hulu+, and many people go out and buy themselves a $20 digital antenna so they can have local channels. All of these options are way cheaper than cable and satellite!

4. Do you have a pretty solid movie collection? Just try watching one of your most favorite flicks next time you want to veg out for a bit.

5. Don’t you have better things to do than spend hours on your butt watching grown-ups play pretend? Not everyone is guilty of this, but if you’re the “sit-and-stare-at-moving-pictures-for-hours-and-hours” type, then try something else. Read a book, go for a walk, play with your pet, try a new recipe, try out something you found on this blog, call a friend and catch up, send me your life story, write in a journal… Just don’t sit and veg for hours everyday. Please.

Say it with me: “Goodbye, overpriced entertainment!”

2 thoughts on “Ditch the Box

  1. I would love to ditch my box but my poor TV is foreign so I have to have a box to have even basic TV (I have also cut out internet completely)…… Sigh…. I think your point is very well made. Over priced entertainment is most definitely not a necessity, and soooo not worth it!

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